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While Western partners are holding on to self-restraint in providing us long-range missiles, because they believe that this could provoke Putin into a mythical escalation, Russia is already attacking Ukraine with North Korean ballistic missiles. First, The Wall Street Journal reported that shipments from North Korea have already started, adding that Moscow is also close to purchasing Iranian short-range ballistic missiles, which may happen this spring. And then White House Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby added: On December 30 and January 2, during the attacks on Ukraine, Russia had already used North Korean ballistic missiles.

Therefore, on January 10, the US convenes the UN Security Council and promises additional sanctions. A little later, due to the massive Russian drones and missile attacks at the request of Kiev, the Ukrainian-NATO Council will also meet. Although at the same time the US and Germany were finally to hand over to Ukraine the ATACAMS and TAURUS missiles. However, here there is a nuance. After all, the range of the ATACAMS - up to 300 km (and it is more from the field of fiction that the US can provide us with their upgraded version of more than 400 km), TAURUS - up to 500 km. The North Korean missiles provided to Russia are capable of striking targets up to 900 km away. The Iranian missiles that Moscow can acquire range from 300 to 700 km.


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