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In practice, however, it is much more complex. Earlier has repeatedly written that Ukraine is very dependent not only on Western military, but also financial assistance. And in such a short period of time as two years of full-scale war (and the war has really lasted for 10 years, but before we did not give and anti-tank systems Javelin, not that the production technology)It is simply impossible to establish its own closed cycle of military production. And the participating countries of "Ramstein" are not in a hurry to invest in their defense industry. Moreover, given the lack of State guarantees, the prices of the same munitions, which Ukraine badly needs, have soared.

In addition, it is necessary to speak out about the responsibility of the West when it comes to North Korean ballistic missiles already in service of Russia and Iranian missiles, which Moscow may soon buy. After all, even after the appearance in Russia of Iranian "shaheds" in large quantities and the transfer to Moscow of the relevant production technologies (recall that a plant for the production of these drones is already working in Russia)The US and the EU did not rule out a return to a nuclear agreement with Iran. And with regard to North Korean ballistic missiles, Ukrainian experts are already saying that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which started shelling South Korea’s coastline on January 5, could be helped by Russia. Moreover, it is naive to think that such production in North Korea would have been possible without China’s tacit consent.


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