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Multiplayer Horror Games for Android: The Best Way to Enjoy Halloween

Mimicry: Online Horror Action is an amazing game for android devices. You can play this game with your friends and also with other players around the world. This game has a huge range of features that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. It is an intense game with an immersive story that will scare you to death. Mimicry is an online horror game that has been developed by Euphoria Horror Games.

multiplayer horror games android

You play as a monster, and you have to kill other monsters. You can choose from different monsters such as vampires, zombies, werewolves, or ghosts. There are many scary games available on the Google Play Store, but none of them are as immersive or as frightening as Mimicry: Online Horror Action. This is a horror game that is both challenging and fun to play.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a team-based multiplayer game in which four players have to work together to save their teammates. In this game, you and your team members will have to find items, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to save your team. It is a free-to-play multiplayer online first-person survival horror. You are in a small town with 12 other players. You and your teammates have to survive, but you have to beware of your enemies.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game with the same concept as Call of Duty and other FPS games. The game allows you to play in different scenarios. You can choose between being a survivor or a killer. When you choose to play as a killer, you need to kill your friends. It is a top-rated horror game. It is one of the best horror games for Android and iOS and is available for free on the Play Store.

There is a twist to the game that makes it interesting and different. Identity V is a sci-fi horror game based on the story of a virus that has infected the entire world. The virus can only be stopped if it is eradicated from the world, and only the player can stop it. If you are a big fan of zombie games, then you will love this game. There are more than 300 types of zombies that you can use, and it is easy to unlock the different characters.

Identity V is an award-winning game that blends FPS, RPG, and stealth gameplay in a single package. Identity V brings back classic shooters, role-playing, and adventure genres all together into a single amazing game. It is an awesome android multiplayer horror game. You are the protagonist of the game and you have to save your world from evil. The graphics are great and you can play in groups with up to 4 people.

Multiplayer Granny Mod is an exciting and frightening online horror game. You must try to survive as long as possible against the evil Granny. Multiplayer Granny Mod is a free horror game that features online multiplayer gaming. It offers you a great alternative to those of you who are bored with the old-school style of gaming. The game features a story mode that lets you explore and fight against monsters.

There are many types of horror games, but none are as thrilling and frightening as The Dark Pursuer. This game is a perfect example of an interactive thriller. It is a new horror adventure game that features an interesting and engaging storyline. The game also offers you a chance to have an epic and scary journey by traveling across the globe.

The Dark Pursuer is a real-time multiplayer horror game. It has a dark, atmospheric atmosphere and is suitable for gamers who are interested in playing a horror games. You can play against other people all over the world and can compete with your friends or with strangers in the online arena.

multiplayer horror games for android that are fun

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dawn of zombies survival after the last war multiplayer zombie horror game android

lifeafter survive together in a post apocalyptic world multiplayer zombie horror game android

frostborn coop survival in a harsh nordic world multiplayer fantasy horror game android

darkwood a challenging and unforgiving top down survival horror game with rpg elements and online co op mode for android devices

outlast trials a spin off of the popular outlast series that features a cooperative mode for up to four players set in the cold war era where you are test subjects in a secret mind control program for android devices

five nights at freddy's ar special delivery an augmented reality game where you have to survive against animatronics that come to your real world location for android devices

hello neighbor hide and seek a prequel to the original hello neighbor where you play as a child trying to avoid your creepy neighbor in various scenarios for android devices

bendy and the ink machine a first person puzzle action horror game where you explore an abandoned cartoon studio and encounter ink creatures for android devices

granny 3 a sequel to the popular granny series where you have to escape from a house with three crazy enemies granny grandpa and slendrina for android devices

ice scream 4 rod's factory a continuation of the ice scream saga where you have to rescue your friends from an evil ice cream man who has kidnapped them and taken them to his factory for android devices

mr meat zombie apocalypse survival escape house a thrilling and scary game where you have to escape from a house with a butcher who has become a zombie for android devices

evil nun maze escape challenges a spin off of the evil nun series where you have to solve puzzles and escape from mazes with an evil nun chasing you for android devices

slendytubbies anniversary edition a remake of the original slendytubbies game where you have to collect custards while avoiding creepy teletubbies for android devices

friday the 13th killer puzzle a puzzle game where you play as jason voorhees and have to kill campers in various locations for android devices

This is a great survival horror game with great graphics and awesome characters. The game also features an amazing soundtrack that makes the game even more fun. In this multiplayer game, you and your friends take control of several characters to fight against a horde of monsters. It is a competitive multiplayer game with a terrifying story, which you can find on your Android device.

Before even starting with the best horror games for android, let me tell you something.These games also support multiplayer which means you can enjoy playing with your friends and have some fun playing some horror games right from your smartphone (but not with your luxury watch). watch). And if you are overwhelmed with homework, then with this we can help, just ask for help in the service at , where professionals will help you do all your homework for a high grade, while you can quietly mind your own business. Keep in mind that a stable internet connection is required to enjoy multiplayer games without any hiccup.

The Tabung is a game that can be played alone or with friends. After one of your friends goes missing on a camping trip, you must do anything you can to activate the nearby signal tower so you can call the police. However, as is usual with horror games - something goes wrong along the way.

Playing games on mobile phones can be just as engaging and scary as it is on other gaming platforms. Mobile games improved a lot during the past few years, and the horror options have become more and more exciting. Genre fans can enjoy great graphics, chilling music, and some of the scariest serial killers in games who will make sure players have a bloody good time throughout the gameplay.

Updated April 8, 2023, by Via Erhard: Horror game lovers can go on epic and terrifying adventures thanks to some of the most chilling classic and new horror mobile games of all time. These darkly atmospheric and thrilling horror games transport their players into deadly realms filled with ghosts, serial killers, and monsters of all kinds. Players can also explore some of the most unique and horrifying locations including abandoned orphanages and fantasy-inspired realms.

Thanks to unforgettable stories, hauntingly beautiful designs, and hair-raising characters players of all levels can explore some of the most challenging and stirring horror realms in mobile games and become a part of their favorite horror stories.

Orphans is a great choice for beginners and more advanced players who love to explore creepy abandoned places in games and love stories that mix horror and mystery. This spooky interactive horror mystery game lets its players explore an infamous abandoned orphanage with a dark secret.

Detention is one the most popular horror games players can play on their mobiles too. This deeply atmospheric horror mobile game transports its players back in time to 1960s Taiwan and immerses them in a unique story inspired by Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology.

The Letter - Scary Horror Choi is one of the most exciting horror visual novel games for mobile gamers. This interactive horror visual novel mobile game might have a colorful anime-like art style, but its story is complex, and the characters are brilliantly crafted.

Very Little Nightmares is one of the cutest horror mobile games that transports its players into a bizarre realm where they get to go on a unique adventure. Players will step into the shoes of a little girl who was suddenly transported into an eerie mansion filled with traps and evil beings.

Insomnia Horror Game is one of the creepiest mobile horror games that's best played after dark. This survival horror game has a simple yet immersive art style and a non-violent but hunting gameplay. Players will have to step into the shoes of an insomniac who after waking up at night have to protect themselves against an eerie creature.

Year Walk takes its players into the dark woods filled with chilling creatures and players will have to explore this spine-chilling place while solving puzzles, uncovering mysteries, and hunting for clues to find out what their future holds. It's one of the most perfectly spooky horror games for casual and experienced gamers alike.

Death Park: Scary Clown Horror is one of the scariest mobile horror games of all time that's perfect for IT fans and anyone who loves creepy clown stories and games. The game is set in a huge abandoned amusement park with a creepy circus.

Five Nights at Freddy's is among the most popular horror games of the last decade, and it has a chilling yet fun art style. Players will have to take on the creepiest summer job they ever had and work at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The fun and family-friendly place becomes much more hunting at night and players have to become not on security guards but also repairmen.

Forgotten Memories is one of the most highly praised horror mobile games both by fans and critics alike. It's a classic psychological survival game that provides a fantastic gaming experience on mobiles thanks to its emotional narrative, and its great sound and visual effects that create a moody and atmospheric environment.

Goosebumps Night Of Scares is based on the beloved R.L. Stine novels and players will have to survive interactions with some of his scariest monsters. It's one of the most fun first-person horror games that provide some excellent jump scares. The show also had some actually scary episodes and this spooky survival game has a similar feel to it.

While Limbo doesn't have jump scares or gore it's a fairly terrifying game in its own unique way. Limbo is one of the most haunting puzzle games with depth and with simple yet beautiful graphics that are accompanied by atmospheric music and bizarre characters. It's the perfect horror mobile game for those who love to play unusual games with dark themes.

The Room: Old Sins is a multi-award-winning spooky escape room game that's praised as one of the best puzzle games of all time. This game doesn't have any gore, killers, or blood. However, it has a spooky atmosphere and a peculiar story which makes it perfect for those who love more casual horror games.

Dead by Daylight is a spooky and fun multiplayer horror mobile game that was inspired by cult classic slasher movies. Players can choose from various characters and can be survivors or be the killer themselves. This game has an impressive killer selection since players can choose to become some of the most iconic movie killers including Ghost Face, Michael Myers, and Amanda Young.


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