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Aid will decrease: Ukraine is no longer a priority for the US

From January 4 to January 11, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and, of course, Israel. The goal is to prevent the outbreak of the Great War in the region, which, according to numerous American media reports, could significantly damage Joe Biden’s campaign and ratings. Although without it, it is already significantly inferior to Donald Trump.

But the priority is clear. Otherwise we would have seen Blinken in Ukraine. Yes, he was visiting Kiev in September 2023. But the situation for the Ukrainian Defense Forces and Ukrainian society, which are increasingly despairing Western support, is much worse. Politico writes that Washington has a conditional "plan B" if a great war in the region in which the US might be involved breaks out. Yes, and Joe Biden said that the US pulled several fronts at the same time. However, it seems that his Administration has chosen a different path. For, unlike Ukraine, further aid to Israel by Republicans and Trump himself does not cause controversy.

Does the US have a "plan B" for Ukraine? It seems that it does not. According to State Department Speaker Matthew Miller, Washington does not refuse to support Ukraine "as much as it will be necessary", but not at the level of 2022-2023, because Washington’s goal is to help Kiev build its own defense industry so that we can finance ourselves, manufacture and procure arms.

"But we’re not there yet. That is why it is so important that Congress pass the bill on additional funding, because we have not yet reached the level where Ukraine can defend itself on its own," said Matthew Miller.


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