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Nvidia 337.50 Driver Download

NVIDIA has revealed on their official GeForce website that the upcoming GeForce 337.50 BETA driver would launch on 7th April. The GeForce 337.50 BETA driver would bring several DirectX Optimizations that will help significantly boost performance of GeForce GPUs based graphics cards.

Nvidia 337.50 Driver Download


A few charts were presented during GDC 2014 by NVIDIA which show the kind of performance enhancements to expect from the GeForce 337.50 driver. The numbers that were released showed a decrease in CPU overhead by a factor of about 4.This should result in a performance increase of leaps and bounds in multi-gpu configurations. Of course the fact remains, that if these charts were rigged or manipulated by Nvidia in any way, we will find out soon enough. When the driver is released and third party benchmarks emerge, it will become clear whether Nvidia was true to it word or not.

Kicking off what will undoubtedly be a busy week in the world of video cards, NVIDIA has started the week with a new GeForce driver release over on their GeForce website. This latest driver, version 337.50, is the first public release from the new R337 driver branch, and comes roughly two months after the first R334 driver.

We knew that NVIDIA had an impending driver update providing DirectX 11 performance improvements. Launched today, 337.50 still claims significant performance increases over the previous 335.23 version. What was a surprise is GeForce Experience 2.0. This version allows both ShadowPlay and GameStream to operate on notebooks. It also allows ShadowPlay to record, and apparently stream to Twitch, your Windows desktop (but not on notebooks). It also enables Battery Boost, discussed previously.

As for the performance boost, NVIDIA claims up to 64% faster performance in configurations with one active GPU and up to 71% faster in SLI. It will obviously vary on a game-by-game and GPU-by-GPU basis. I do not have any benchmarks, besides a few examples provided by NVIDIA, to share. That said, it is a free driver. If you have a GeForce GPU, download it. It does complicate matters if you are deciding between AMD and NVIDIA, however.

Der Geforce 337.50 ist noch nicht im Frontend angelangt, aber bereits als Direktdownload verfügbar, da Nvidia die Dateien auf den Server kopiert hat. Mehr Details zum Wundertreiber finden Sie in "Nvidias Mantle-Konter: Wundertreiber 337.50 Beta erscheint heute".

New in GeForce 337.50 Beta drivers: Performance - Introduces key DirectX optimizations which result in reduced game-loading times and significant performance increases across a wide variety of games. Results will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration. Here are some examples of measured gains versus the previous 335.23 WHQL driver:


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