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Birthday Wishes For Ace: Personalized Book With Birthday Wishes For Kids (Personalized Books, 11

This 12" x 15" best seller was inspired by a New York mayor who wanted to present a personalized compendium of Times front pages to his mother for her 100th birthday. It contains the front page from a loved one's day of birth and every birthday that followed. It comes with a timeline spanning more than 115 years of news and cultural events; top pages from the recipient's birth year; and an array of famous Times front pages. Available with a leatherette or premium linen cover in a handsome gift box.

Birthday Wishes for Ace: Personalized Book with Birthday Wishes for Kids (Personalized Books, 11


Available for the years 1915 to 2011. Books for younger recipients have fewer birthday front pages, but we automatically insert additional historical front pages to make each book substantial with around 140 pages.

Storytime with the kids in your life is a favorite part of the day for many moms, dads and grandparents. You can create memories for a lifetime by sharing favorite kids books together. But there are days and times you can't be there for story hour. With Hallmark's recordable books, you can still read their favorite books to them, even though you're far away. Whether you travel for work, are stationed overseas in the military, or are a grandparent who lives in a different state, recordable storybooks for children help you share a favorite bedtime tradition even when you're away. Just press the record button to record your voice. Personalize your story with silly voices and personal messages to the child. If you mess up, you can record a page again. Children will cherish the magic of hearing your voice when you're far away so even when you're apart, these books will bring you closer.

Birthday celebrations might look a little different this spring, but there are still so many ways to share the love and birthday well wishes! One easy but sincere way is just sending a simple personalized birthday card.

Before lunch, Phyllis Lopez remembered the sweater was actually hers. Rachel returned it, noticing that Mrs. Price 'pretends like everything is okay.' Rachel muses that though she will celebrate with a cake, and her family will wish her a 'happy birthday,' it's already too late for her to have a happy birthday. She ultimately wishes she were older, because in her mind, being older would mean escape.

The final line of the story has Rachel contemplating how lousy she feels on her birthday. She says, "I wish I was anything but eleven, because I want today to be far away already, far away like a runaway balloon, like a tiny o in the sky, so tiny-tiny you have to close your eyes to see it." Even though it is only mentioned once, the balloon has a considerable amount of symbolic meaning in the story. First, Rachel herself is setting the balloon up as a symbol that represents her terrible day and traumatic event. She wishes this humiliation was far in her past because she knows distance will grant her relief from her current emotions. Additionally, a balloon is a classic representation of birthdays. Fittingly so, since this terrible day happened on her eleventh birthday. The healing distance Rachel needs will come as a result of more birthdays and more balloons.

Eleven is written in first-person perspective or point of view. In other words, Rachel is the one narrating the story, rather than an omniscient narrator. This choice by Cisneros makes the story read almost like a diary entry. Rachel is directly recounting her traumatic birthday to the reader, and her emotions are expressed in a vulnerable, authentic way. This story has resonated with readers of all ages, but especially kids around Rachel's age. Everyone has experienced embarrassment at school to some degree, but it is not something people openly discuss with their peers. Rachel telling her story validates kids who feel alone or alienated; it is a relief to know these feelings are ubiquitous.

Sandra Cisneros is an award-winning American writer of Mexican descent. 'Eleven' is a popular short story in which the narrator's eleventh birthday is ruined when her teacher forces her to take responsibility for an ugly sweater that isn't hers. Unable to cope with the injustice, she bursts into tears in front of her classmates, and wishes she were older. Cisneros is examining coming of age as well as power and authority in this story.


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