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Axis of Evil: Why the West Does Not Let Putin Lose

Does Ukraine have a "plan B"? In this regard, there has been a lot of controversy in our society lately, especially after the statement of Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba that there is only a "plan A". Although prior to this, advisor to the head of the OPU Mikhail Podolyak said that Ukraine still has a "plan B". However, frankly speaking, the indignation in Ukrainian social networks is groundless, because Kuleba and Podolyak meant completely different things.

"Plan A" Dmitry Kuleba called full restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine, localization of weapons production and NATO membership, and Plan B, he said, we do not need. Mikhail Podolyak, speaking about "plan B", had in mind the military economy, the localization of arms production in Ukraine, including by obtaining licenses from Western companies and countries, and the production of arms together with other Western partners in Ukraine or on their territory.


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