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Carl Flesch The Art Of Violin Playing Pdf 12 ~UPD~

Carl Flesch was a legendary violin teacher who created a scale system used by most classical violinists today. His books and teachings have had a huge influence on modern violin playing because they directly help us learn difficult repertoire.

carl flesch the art of violin playing pdf 12

Hungarian violinist Carl Flesch was born on October 9, 1873. He began playing the violin at 5 years old. He was taken to Vienna to study the instrument further at age 10, and at 17, he began studying at the Conservatoire de Paris. He taught at the Curtis Institute of Music from 1924-1928. After, he settled in Berlin but was then driven out by the Nazi regime. He lived in Switzerland until his death in 1944.

I confess I've hardly ever even tried to play scales. They seemed very boring and, being mostly "self-taught," nobody ever pressed me to face them. 6 years ago I decided to become a musician and violinist, so I taught myself to read music and found all the notes on the fingerboard and then just launched into "easy" repertoire. I actually have got pretty good at sight-reading if one only considers the finding of the notes, but I never taught myself counting so I still sound bad despite hacking through many pages. I had 5 lessons in 2019 with a teacher I've decided is perfect for me, but when covid hit I wasn't interested in zoom lessons so lapsed back into stagnation even though I kept playing home alone. She had suggested scales and given me some assignments, but as a cranky old adult-learner I quickly fell away from the scalebook and went back to repertoire.


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