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the history of the serbian cinema from the 1960s onwards is interspersed with different styles of filmmaking (from documentary, to experimental, to art-house), which gave rise to a number of collective movements within the country, namely the student movements, the new wave, and the academy of arts movement. all three movements have had an impact on the direction and aesthetics of the serbian cinema.

Pljacka Treceg Rajha Ceo Film Download

one of the earliest uses of the term "cinema" in english was in a book about the hungarian filmmaker béla balázs, who used the term to describe the moviemaking he observed in germany in the 1920s: "in germany, the cinema has become a mass-mind activity, reaching the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the learned and the ignorant, the cultured and the uncultured."

8. in the film, the mother is afraid that there's no one to take care of her children, but in the novel this fear is transformed into interest in my daughter, and this is perfectly understandable because men are supposed to be more intelligent than women.

9. the film makes two major departures: it splits this story into two stories, and it avoids any explicit reference to the issue of children's rights, and the only thing it takes about children is that they are treated as cute and to get away from their mothers.

10. the novel ends with a famous psychological experiment: whether he is more a man or a woman, zoran is the son of his father, and because he was an only child, he is also an only daughter. in the film, on the other hand, everything is reversed, and he is the son of his mother.


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